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Jackie Rita.jpg

"Nick is highly professional, knowledgeable and compassionate in his training. He is very encouraging, respectful and kind. I had a great experience with Nick for personal training since early June 2018 on a weekly basis. I was able to reach my goals with Nick's assistance and expertise. Thanks a million Nick!!!"

Jackie Rita, In-Person

Emily Elizabeth.jpg

"I love working with Nick because he truly cares about his clients & he positively motivates me when I felt like giving up. He met all my individual needs when he made a custom nutrition & workout plan for me that was realistic for me to succeed with. Thanks Nick!"

Emily Elizabeth, In-Person & Online

Vandelyn Moore Lee.jpg

"I was very grateful to have Nick as a trainer. He listened to all my concerns, and explained how each exercise addressed that concern. He definitely cares about his clients' well-being both physically and mentally."

Vandelyn Moore Lee, In-Person

Joyce Williams.jpg

"Nick Snow is a great trainer and really cares about each of his clients. He makes sure everyone does each routine correctly for maximum benefit and no injuries. Pairing exercise with proper nutrition gives perfect results. His expertise in nutrition was easy to apply for weight and inch loss together. I really enjoyed working with Nick. Good luck to you! You will go far!"

Joyce Williams, In-Person

Shane Colon.jpg

"I highly recommend Nick as a trainer. He's patient and concise with his instructions. During workouts he does a great job teaching proper form as well explaining the purpose of each movement. His knowledge and passion make him an outstanding trainer."

Shane Colon, In-Person

Stacey Wiedmaier.jpg

"Nick is a great trainer. He is dedicated to improving his clients lifestyles, and teaching all the benefits of healthy living. He is very personable, helpful, and has given me the motivation that I needed, to stay in the game! Thank you Nick."

Stacey Wiedmaier, In-Person

Stan Sepanic.jpg

"I’ve been training with Nick Snow for about a year.His fitness and nutrition knowledge was very helpful after taking 20 years off from the gym. Nick was able to work thru some of my injuries to keep me on my fitness goals. If you need a trainer that cares about his clients in and out of the gym, then please give nick a call."

Stan Sepanic, In-Person

Kathy Brown.jpg

"Nick Snow is an excellent trainer in all areas. Very caring and personable to everyone. Enjoyed working out with Nick in my elite class and group classes! Knows his nutrition can apply it to anyone."

Kathryn Brown Hutcheson, In-Person

Susan Munas.jpg

"Nick has introduced me to the world of working out with a trainer. He is the most patient and encouraging person I have met. He is an awesome trainer and I look forward to continuing with our workouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Susan Munas, In-Person

Donna Mahoney_edited.jpg

"Nick's easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most important, fun! He also places great importance on correct form with each exercise. Nick will help you set up the foundations you need for a new healthier lifestyle!"

Donna Mahoney, In-Person

Bianca Marie.jpg

"Fantastic trainer and person! He is highly recommended. I am very thankful for his guidance throughout my fitness journey."

Bianca Marie, In-Person

Donna Young.jpg

"Nick is a great trainer. He motivates you to achieve your goals for fitness and nutrition. Loved training with him."

Donna Young, In-Person

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